Amanda Chudobey-Berger

When I think of Montreal, the first think that comes to my mind is our unique culture and way of life. And what doesn’t scream  unique like our Saint-Viateur sesame bagels made in the heart of Montreal? All my life I’ve always heard how tourists admire our smoke salmon bagels with cream cheese and onions. Let’s face it, it really is one of our delicious signature dishes. Therefore I painted it a very big sesame seed bagels right in the centre of my canvas.

The second symbol that represents our unique city is our sometimes annoying and lovely bicycle paths! All around Montreal we have thousands of brave cyclists zooming through the streets of Montreal trying to avoid all our crazy drivers, not only in the summer, but even in -30 degrees winter wheather! (I swear I have seen one with my own eyes)

The third symbol I added was the skyline of the city of Montreal because Montreal is known for it’s night life and fun parties. Thousands of tourists, go up to Mont-Royal wether its during the day, or even at night to get a look at the beautiful view of the downtown area. The outline of the building represent the young, modernized, and hip culture in our society where we have many different singers, athletes, actors, fashion designers and public figures who have made big and left mark on our city.

Last but not least, the biggest symbol of all, our wonderful construction and french stop signs! The (not-so) amazing  renovations in the city of Montreal starts and take 2 years to finish, causing stress-free traffic and peaceful noise! (much sarcasm used) There is about always construction in the city wherever you go, and there is always controversy about our street and store signs being in french or in english. The signs symbolize the most popular things that people living in Montreal see on a day to day basis and who pass by these street signs so it is embedded in their memory.

All the small symbols I painted in my artwork are the things that I find fit in with the Montreal culture and everyday society. They shape up in our daily lives and are what make us all feel connected and attached to our city. These are just some of few things that we Montrealers all share in common.