Daniel Hernandez

My first symbol in my painting and main one is the Montreal Impact jersey. I decided to paint the jersey because the Montreal soccer team has made it a really long way to improve. Just a few years ago Montreal Impact soccer team had managed to get in the MLS which is a professional world league which is a huge accomplishment for them and Montreal to represent us!

My second symbol is the two soccer nets at the bottom sides of the painting. These two soccer represent Montreal by how there is so many different soccer leagues within Montreal for students and teenagers to join and try out for. Myself did try out for a team which was called the ‘’Pumas’’ of Montreal-Nord but then I changed teams and played for the team in St-Leonard.

My last symbol in my art piece was the color green for the background which represents how Montreal cares so much for the environment and how they want to encourages recycling to everyone. Just like how a few years ago they gave every resident holder the big green recycling bin.