Jerralyn MacIsaac 

I have been a Montreal citizen for a few years now, and I’ve had the chance to take notice of many different sub-genres in the cluster of the city. This piece represents the apparent positives and negatives of Montreal. It’s beauty is best shown through the vibrant colours of the leaves changing in fall. For any nature lover, fall time in Canada is a dream come to life. But surrounding it is the annonyances that became clear after living here for a few years, when the rose-coloured glasses has lost its color. The city is filled with a lot of cracks (especially in the street). The streets of Montreal are crazed and busy and time has worn them down. With the millions of people, many find it easier to throw their thrash wherever it’s convenient. Here people, are always in a rush, so they neglect the wonders of Montreal! I wanted to show this through texture, through color and lack there of, and through the anthentic Montreal vibe we all know and love.