Sabishannah Nadarajah

So, I am doing the project about Montreal where I have to illustrate three symbols that represents or symbolize the city of Montreal. So, for my first symbol, I described Montreal as a city of underdogs, meaning their sports clubs. I put the Expos from baseball and the Habs from hockey. They show the city being a multi-sport type where they can play any sport and also that they won their championship. The reason why I choose these two symbols is that my family is a big fan of the Montreal Expos and the Montreal Canadians. My second symbol is the STM sign. It describes Montreal since the STM provides everyone in the city a public transportation outside and under the roads. They use cards called Opus to use public transportation to go somewhere in the city like buses and underground trains. This is one reason why I choose this one as a symbol because it’s free to use. Well besides the Opus card, the transportation is free and useful for a person who doesn’t use own a vehicle. My last symbol is the different types of religion and cultures like Hinduism, Islam and the Chinese culture. This is one of the symbols that represents Montreal since Montreal is a multi-cultural city with different religions. Meaning that all the citizens in Montreal have a different cultural background. Most of the people are either Hindus, Islamic , and more.